We are having a Brick fundraiser for continuous maintenance of the Pacentrano club.


The bricks will be 4”x 8” paver bricks and will be custom engraved.

Bricks will be a $100 DONATION per brick.

Each brick ordered will be used in a Memorial in the front entrance of the building.

The bricks can be for living or deceased family members. Non-club members are also welcome to participate. All proceeds will go towards repairs needed at our facility.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Frank Catalano at 330-207-3700.



There is still time to order!  If you are interested in contributing to the update please complete the form at the following link and return to us: Brick Fundraiser Form

Also, be sure to check out the photo gallery below to see the progress.

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Pacentrano Brick Fundraiser
Pacentrano Brick Fundraiser

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